Department of Statistics intends to develop a unit specialized in food security

Department of Statistics intends to develop a unit specialized in food security

I am Dr Qasem Alzoubi, Director General of Department of Statistics in Jordan ( DOS), I am pleased to be with you today at this important seminar which is dedicated to introduce the FIES, and the work of FAO in capacity enhancement of national statistical offices. I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the organizer of this seminar and for inviting me to be part in this event. Wishing you greater benefit from this meeting.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Jordan has made considerable economic, social and human development over the past decades, even though the country has limited natural resources, agricultural land, and suffer a shortage of water as the country is one of the most poorest country items of water, therefore the economy relies heavily upon its service sector.
Moreover, the country lies at the center of one of the most volatile region in the world and has been historically accustomed to sudden influxes of population, the number of population reached 10 folds in 50 years.
Jordan committed to implement the 2030 Agenda and to leave no one behind. The Government of Jordan has opted to prepare the first Voluntary National Review and present this report at the High Level Political Forum in July 2017 session. However, execute the government desire Higher Steering Committee has been established, and DOS is the technical arm for following up of SDGs.
With regards to food security in Jordan, DOS started following up the data of food security in 2010 in cooperation with WFP. Since that time we have a special food security survey within the HIES.

It’s worth mentioning that DOS has adopted the FOA’s food security model to enhance the comparative analysis of food security indicators with other countries, this will be implemented in the HIES 2017, this model will help Government and decision makers in minimizing the risk of food security in the country.
DOS intends to institutionalized the work in food security indicators through establishing a special unit. Therefore we need to develop the capacity of its staff in analyze, produce, and disseminate the indicators of food security, particularly those related to SDGs. In this regard, close strategic cooperation among DOS, ministry of Agriculture, FAO, and WFP will be enhanced.
However, DOS has strong cooperation with FAO, in different areas including:
1. DOS has adopted FAO’s methodologies in all agriculture Surveys.
2. FAO provides DOS with technical support through experts in the field of agricultural statistics.
3. Organizing workshops and training courses.
4. A future coordination between DOS and FOA to enhance to capacity of DOS’s staff, particularly those will be working in the Food Security Unit.
The main challenged that facing DOS in conducting the food security survey, it has been conducted along HIES, the cost of HIES is around million 3 JD around which is equivalent to 4.5 US Dollar . HOWEVER, The budget of this survey suffers from a shortage of money in addition to technical support.
With regard to our future perspective, DOS looking forward to strengthening

the cooperation with international organizations including FOA, Moreover, DOS works to produce a special report on food security, razing awareness within all stakeholders of food security through media, organizing conferences and workshops.
I am pleased to say that DOS working hard to be a house of statistical expertise in the region, we announce our readiness to employ the expertise that we have gained in food security to help all other counties in the region.

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