Directorate of Economic Surveys conducts an annual and quarterly surveys cover all economic activities as follows :

1. Industry Survey
2. Internal trade Survey
3. Services Survey
4. Financial and Insurance Survey
5. Transport Survey
6. Employment Survey
7. Construction Survey

Objective of the Surveys

1.Providing data on compensations of employees whether in cash or in kind
2.Providing detailed data on gross output, value added and intermediate consumption.
3. Providing data on invested capital and capital formation.
4. Estimated the contribution of the sector to the GDP, and providing necessary data to prepare the National Accounts.
5.Providing data on the number of licensed building and areas by application status and governorate (monthly)
6.Providing data on the cost of building implemented on the private sector.
7.Providing data on the number of the operating constructing companies in Jordan by governorate.
8. Providing data on Value Added and its component (Compensation of employees, indirect taxes, depreciation) and the capital formation data.
9. Providing data on the number of establishments operating on the public and private sector by economic activity.
10. Providing data on the number of employees and its characteristics by sex, nationality, educational level and specialization.
11.Providing detailed data on salary level and cash payments to the occupational groups as well as regular and irregular cash bonuses and grants paid to various professions.
12. Providing data on the average usual work hours per month except for weekly employee’s holidays by the major occupational groups in the public and private sectors.