Media campaign

The media campaign is one of the main components of the department at all levels and aims to promote effective partnership with all partners at all levels: individuals, families and civil society including NGOs, the private sector and all partners in international and regional development. Internationally.

The media plays an important role in the communication and education process through interviewing for the recording of information by enumerators. It also plays a catalytic role for participants and invites them to provide objective and accurate data and information in a timely and credible manner. For this purpose, the media campaign of the department will use all means of mass communication and social communication.

The expected outcome of the media campaign is to reach a successful circle through the participation of all concerned parties at all levels in the planning process.

The media plan includes a detailed work parallel to all stages to address all the target groups, which are defined in advance, to ensure the quality, objectivity and transparency of the concepts used and determine the roles assigned to all interested parties. The plan also requires highlighting issues related to environmental issues, sustainable development and respect for human rights, taking into account methodologies, methods of implementation and not excluding any group or individuals.

The Department of Statistics is aware of the challenges facing the media campaign. The media plan is planned and implemented by a specialized and diverse team of experts, including experts in the field.