Arrival and Departures

A technical and field team from the Directorate of Economic Surveys is formed to implement this survey upon the request of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. This survey is usually carried out every five years.

The Arrivals and Departures Survey is an important survey because it includes two important surveys, namely: First: the Arrivals Survey, which measures the outbound tourism from Jordan when people residing in Jordan were abroad for tourist purposes, whether they are Jordanians, Arabs or foreigners. Second: The Departures Survey, which measures the incoming tourism to Jordan when non-residents leave Jordan to their usual residence after end of their visit to Jordan for tourist purposes, whether they are Jordanians, Arabs or foreigners.

The tourism sector in Jordan is one of the important economic sectors that contribute to supporting the national economy and employment. Tourism statistics are also important because they are used for research and development. As a result of the rapid growth in the volume of tourism, it was necessary to measure the impact of this activity on the national economy, especially on the balance of payments. It is known that international incoming tourism has a positive impact on the balance of payments while negatively affected by outbound tourism.

The importance of this survey is highlighted by the set of touristic data and indicators on arrivals and departures for tourism purposes, in order to use its results in the estimation of tourism income and expenditure in the balance of payments and the development of plans and policies aimed at developing tourism on scientific and methodological bases which will result in development of the other tourism –related economic sectors.

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  1. Proportion of tourists to the crude number of arrivals and departures.
  2. Total tourist expenditure abroad.
  3. Total tourism income in Jordan.
  4. Producing data on tourism patterns in terms of the main purpose of the visit.
  5. Proportion of overnight tourists and single-day visitors to total number of tourists.
  6. Stay and expenditure rates by nationality.
  7. Types of stay in Jordan.
  8. Means of transport used.
  9. Level of satisfaction over the tourism services.

– The results of the Arrivals and Departures Survey are issued once every five years in paper and electronic formats.

– The survey results are usually published 15 months after initiating the survey.

Data Bank

Tables: Arrival and Departures 

Source: Department of Statistics

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