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The Dissemination Policy of Official Statistics

The Department of Statistics (DoS) of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers official statistical figures needed for planning, development, and public policymaking processes. Moreover, DoS provides the data that decision-makers need to strengthen the role of these decisions in the development of local societies and distribute the development process to cover all areas in line with the sustainable development goals. It is the responsibility of DoS to provide accessible statistical figures of high quality and reliability using the easiest, best, and fastest methods. To this end, DoS, on the one hand, is using all modern technologies to disseminate these statistical figures to reach users. On the other hand, DoS is implementing the international standards that guarantee the provision of these figures with a high degree of quality and reliability.

The following conditions constitute the guarantees that DoS adheres to in the dissemination process:

First: Accessibility:

The Department of Statistics (DoS) makes data available and provides official statistics and statistical products to meet the requirements of data users and to reach the maximum benefit from this data. Hence, when producing and disseminating statistics and statistical outcomes, DoS considers the user’s accessibility to data by providing the data in different forms to make it available based on the final user needs. Moreover, DoS presents the data in a straightforward manner to be understood by all segments of data users. Besides, DoS conducts various surveys to ensure that the disseminated statistics meet the real needs of data users and to ensure the possibility of using these statistics in development, planning, analytical studies, and policy-making.

Second: Partnership:

It refers to the partnership between DoS and statistical data users. This partnership identifies the real needs and enhances the dissemination style to reach the optimal use of data. Moreover, the partnership extends to various institutions and ministries that produce the statistical figures in order to provide the national statistical figures as a part of the implementation of the National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS); whereby, this partnership allows data exchange with different governmental and official agencies. DoS is always keen to create partnerships with the international bodies to exchange expertise in terms of producing the statistical data.

Third: Keep Pace with developments:

The Department of Statistics (DoS) keeps pace with developments in producing the statistical figure by using the international methodologies and implementing the best international practices to guarantee higher quality. These acts are implemented in cooperation with foreign local and international bodies to adopt the best international practices, standards, and methods and build capacities in all fields.

Fourth: Independence of Statistics:

The process of data production and dissemination is free from any political interference. DoS adheres to the Public Statistics Act No. 12 of 2012 for the production and dissemination of official statistics.

Fifth: Equal Access to Official Statistics:

The Department of Statistics (DoS) treats the users of official statistics equally without discrimination in terms of ability to access and time to access the statistical figure. In this context, DoS adheres to disseminating the statistical figures within a previously given timeframe or based on the international calendar for disseminating the economic indicators.

Sixth: Neutrality:

The Department of Statistics (DoS) makes data available and disseminated to all users without any interference in terms of analysis or interpretation. DoS has the right to respond to any misinterpretation of the data produced by DoS.

Seventh: Confidentiality of individuals’ data:

The Department of Statistics (DoS) adheres to the confidentiality of individuals’ data by applying the Public Statistics Act – Article 11/A, whereby all individuals’ data and information related to any survey or census is considered confidential under the protection of legal liability.

Eighth: The general pillars of the dissemination policy of official statistics:

  1. The Public Statistics Act No. 12 of 2012 and all sub-articles.
  2. Code of Conduct and Ethics for Public Service.
  3. National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS) of Jordan.

Ninth: Targeted Groups:

The dissemination process targets all society groups and segments by making data available through the utilized dissemination means in DoS, as well as disseminating the data on social media means and announcing this dissemination in media.

Tenth: Free Data:

  1. The Department of Statistics (DoS) shall provide the disseminated official statistics and makes them available to the public through various dissemination means without charges.
  2. Data users, by virtue of terms of use herein, shall cite the department of statistics as the source of data.

Eleventh: DoS website Terms of Use:

Rights of data user

The Department of Statistics grants the right to use the data available on its website internationally, parallel, free, and irrevocably including:

  1. Copy, distribute, reuse, develop, and derive the statistical material.
  2. Editing and using the statistical material for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  3. Using and citing the statistical materials in other publications.

Commitments and Responsibilities of DoS

  1. The website of DoS is constantly updated and reviewed. Consequently, DoS does not guarantee the data availability on the website continuously, as DoS has the right to delete or modify any information or part of it without prior notice.
  2. The Department of Statistics (DoS) does not bear any responsibility resulting from omissions or errors resulting from technical reasons and from the completeness or duration of data availability on its website for any specific purpose.
  3. The Department of Statistics (DoS) does not bear any responsibility for conclusions that users reach from the data available on DoS website, as these conclusions express their own opinions and are not -attributed to DoS.
  4. The Department of Statistics (DoS) does not bear any responsibility for any damage or harm that occurs due to using the data published on the website.
  5. The user is deemed to agree to the terms of use upon receiving, downloading, or using the data in any other form.

Note: The terms of use mentioned before were formulated according to CC roles.