Domestic Tourism

Domestic Tourism

A technical and field team from the Directorate of Economic Surveys is formed to implement this survey upon the request of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. This survey is usually carried out every five years.

The Domestic Tourism Survey is implemented by the Department of Statistics (DoS) based on a Memorandum of Outstanding (MoU) between the (DoS) and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The survey provides data on the status of domestic tourism, volume of domestic tourism expenditure, touristic purposes and some other indicators for planners and decision-makers in the public and private sectors.

The tourism statistics is generally classified as one of the vital topics of concern to various states because of its economic importance in terms of contributing to the improvement of the national economy as well as their social, cultural and educational impacts.

The tourism sector in Jordan has witnessed a major development in recent years which has helped to impact the development of statistical data related to the tourism sector. Therefore, the Department of Statistics (DoS) has carried out surveys on incoming tourism to Jordan, as well as outbound tourism (the arrivals and departures surveys).

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1- Proportion of domestic tourists to total population.
2- Total domestic tours.
3- Patterns of domestic tourism in terms of purpose and country of destination.
4- Total domestic tourism expenditures and breakdown of tourist expenditure items.
5- Average stay and expenditure of domestic tourists.
6- Types of stay in Jordan.
7- Means of transport used.
8- Satisfaction level over the touristic services.

– The results of the Arrivals and Departures Survey are issued once every five years in paper and electronic formats.

– The survey results are usually published 15 months after initiating the survey.

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Tables: Demostric Toursim 

Source: Department of Statistics

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