The web page of the Department of Statistics is a government page that contains a large number of strategic plans and the information and statistical data of Jordan in the areas of population, housing and establishments of social, economic, environmental, and other data.
The circuit is the only party responsible for the content of the site and there is no point of governmental or non-governmental organizations have access to any of the personal data and information collected by the department the authority, and that all the data and personal information that is collected through surveys and censuses are kept securely, whether whether this conservation electronically or in hardcopy.

And apply all available security measures to make sure the circuit being safe and confidential, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (2) for the year 2011 on official statistics.

Page may contain links to other sites, local, regional or international statistical and other, has the privacy policy varies among these sites than with the department, so I urge the department users to read the privacy policy of other sites if accessed from links on the webpage Aaldairh.

The department emphasizes visitors to the web page it does not automatically collect any data or personal information of their own, such as your name, phone number, e-mail, and the Internet address or others.

And calls for the circle of users to be careful that the electronic transmission of data and information standard through the Internet is not secure, and is not recommended, either through e-mail or otherwise, in case you are interested in the delivery of data and specific information to the circuit safely, please call and we will order for the transfer of this data and information more secure.

It will sometimes used the Department of Statistics tools to keep track of the public use of the site, in order to adjust the intensity of the types of access to different pages of e-page analysis, the study of how to improve the way by the user to browse the web page, and raise the efficiency of use of the page.