The (DoS) asks citizens to cooperate for implementing the PFHS Survey – 2017 successfully

The (DoS) asks citizens to cooperate for implementing the PFHS Survey – 2017 successfully

The Department of Statistics (DoS) calls upon citizens to cooperate for implementing the Population and Family Health Survey – 2017 successfully besides a number of regular annual studies in addition to the Household Expenditure and Income Survey (HEIS) and the Agricultural Census.

During the interview, blood samples tests and height measurement will be made in addition to personal questions will be asked to the surveyed households in order to provide data on family health and nutrition. The survey also covers deaths, mother and child health care as well as updated, reliable and detailed information on social and demographic characteristics.

This information will enable the (DoS), the Ministry of Health and other related national health institutions to develop, monitor and evaluate health policies and programs (especially mother and child reproductive health) in addition to the subjects of population and development. The survey will provide a qualitative database for decision makers in the areas of family planning and reproductive health, as well as information and data for making international comparisons.

Mr. Husni Al-Dajah(DoS spokesman) stressed the importance of citizens’ cooperation with the interviewers after confirming their identity through the (DoS) ID Cards bearing their names, photos and the official seal. The General Statistics Law guarantees confidentiality and privacy of individual data (Article 11 / a, b) which stipulates that “all information and individual data provided through any survey or census shall be treated as confidential and that the (DoS) or any of its employees shall not allow any person or public or private entity to access the said information or disclose in whole or in part under legal liability”.

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