The establishment of the Environmental Statistics Department in 1995 was aimed to collecting environmental data from various official sources and working on Coordinate and  classification, analysis and disseminate it, in order to create a comprehensive national environmental information, and also to  implementing specialized environmental surveys to provide data and field statistics related to energy, water, waste and environmental expenditures under  International and regional methodologies and recommendations to serve planners, workers, researchers and those concerned with the environment.

The 20th issue of the annual Environmental Statistics report (2014-2015), which is considered one of the most important official environmental statistical publications, which has been restructured in line with the Global Framework for Environmental Statistics

Objectives of the Environmental Statistics

  1. Providing a statistical data on various environmental elements and their distribution in Jordan.
  2. Providing of data on available natural resources, deposits and safe exploitation of these resources.
  3. Providing of data on environmental pollutants by type, source and their effects on environment.
  4. Providing for various environmental indicators.
  5. Creating environmental database.
  6. Providing of information on expenditure to protect the environment.