Woman statistics

Woman statistics

The Gender Statistics Division has been established in 2005 as one of the divisions of the Directorate of Population and Social Statistics in response by the Department of Statistics (DoS) to international commitments ratified by Jordan for establishing a national mechanism for the advancement of women, promotion of their status in economic, social and political participation, preservation of their gains and also defending their rights in order to achieve a greater level of social justice and equal opportunities.

Establishment of this division is viewed as an important step in the development of this kind of statistics in Jordan.

We have designed tables containing the most important characteristics of Jordanian women at the national level, governorates, urban and rural. These tables are based on the database of Jordanian women thus reflecting a picture of the reality of Jordanian women and fulfill the needs of data users.

o Marital Status

o Marital Statuso Marital status and educational level

o Educational levelo Economic activity

o Main Profession

o Economic activity and educational level

o Economic activity and marital status

o Current economic activity

Data is published and published electronically at the end of April of each year for the previous year’s data.

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