Population & Family Health

The Population and Family Health Survey (PFHS) is conducted in order to provide data for monitoring the health and demographic situation in Jordan. The Department carried out 4 previous surveys of its kind within a series of health and demographic surveys, and the fifth survey is being carried out in the Kingdom.

The PFHS aims to provide up-to-date information on reproduction, family planning, child and infant mortality, child nutrition, maternal and child health as well as data on the knowledge extent about the HIV / AIDS and associated behavior in addition to domestic violence and early childhood development.

  1. Characteristics of the Respondents
  2. Fertility
  3. Fertility Preferences
  4. Family Planning
  5. Infant and Child Mortality
  6. Maternal Care
  7. Immunization and Child Health
  8. Infant Feeding Practices
  9. Nutritional Status of Children
  10. Anemia
  11. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS
  12. Birth Registration

The survey is conducted every 5 years, and a detailed electronic and paper publication is issued at the end of the survey.

Summary of the results of the Population and Family Health Survey 2017-2018  (4.55 MB)
Family Health Bulletin 2017-2018  (18.62 MB)
Family Health Bulletin 2012  (772 KB)
Family Health Bulletin 2009  (2.41 MB)