0.2% the Average Increase of the Inflation Rate for July 2019

0.2% the Average Increase of the Inflation Rate for July 2019

The monthly report on inflation in Jordan issued by the Department of Statistics indicates that the Consumer Price Average (Inflation) reached 125.55 in July 2019 against 125.30 during the same month of 2018 recorded an increase by 0.2%. The main commodities groups, which contributed to this increase, were “Rents” by 0.51 percentage points, “Meat & poultry” by 0.35 percentage points, “Cereals and its products” by 0.12 percentage points, “Education” by 0.07 percentage points and “Culture &Recreation” by 0.06 percentage points. Meanwhile, the main commodities groups which witnessed a decrease in their prices were “Transport” by 0.38 percentage points, “Dairy and its products and eggs” by 0.16 percentage points, “fuel and lighting” by 0.13 percentage points and “Tobacco and Cigarettes “ by 0.15 percentage points.

On the monthly level, the Consumer Price index for July 2019 has decreased by 0.1% compared with the previous month (June) 2019. The main commodities groups which contributed to this decrease were “Meat & poultry” by 0.15 percentage points, “Transport ” by 0.18 percentage points, “Fruits & Nuts” by 0.04 percentage points and “Sugar and its products and Fuel & lighting” by 0.02 percentage points for each . Meanwhile, the main groups which witnessed an increase in their prices were “Dairy and its products and eggs” by 0.12 percentage points, “Vegetables, Dried and Canned Legumes” by 0.11 percentage points, “Beverages” by 0.03 percentage points and “Oil & fats” by 0.02 percentage points.

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