National Account

National Account

The Directorate of National Accounts prepares and publishes highly important data in view of its close and vital relationship with the general economy of the Kingdom including the data on Gross Domestic product (GDP) at current and constant prices. We depend upon many statistical sources for compiling this type of accounts; most important are the economic and agricultural surveys. These data are produced in accordance with the latest international methodologies issued by the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international organizations. This Directorate also issues quarterly estimates of the (GDP) at current and constant prices and provides them to researchers and planners. In addition to the above, the Directorate has assigned great attention to the issue of (Input and Output), therefore established a special division (i.e. The Input / Output Division) entitled to prepare the input and output tables, thus constituting a qualitative leap in providing data for decision makers and economic analysts. The Directorate also works in coordination with the technical directorates of the Department of Statistics (DoS) to carry out some amendments to the tables of the (GDP). The Directorate is currently preparing to implement the System of National Accounts 2008, which is the latest published edition by the United Nations on the data about the national economy of various countries.

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