World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day

By the Name of Allah

In 1949, The Department of Statistics was established in conjunction with the beginning of the establishment of the Hashemite Jordanian State, for promoting independence and interpreting the importance of a national institution that is a reliable reference in policy-making and decision-making for the future and prosperity of the country.

Later on, the department became one of the most significant institutes of the Arab and international statistical system.


On the anniversary of World Statistics Day, I and all the employees of the Department are pleased to be with you, as we celebrate the year 71 of our long-standing department, which has paid special attention to promoting the statistical awareness for the Jordanian citizen and maintaining the confidentiality and protection of individual data, which has been positively reflected on the quality of the statistical product.

Ladies and Gentlemen:-

We recall with you today the achievements of the Department of Statistics in the ongoing process of strengthening institutional capacity and human resources, and since its establishment, it has focused on the human efficiency of its staff until they have reached the level of experts at all aspects. They participated in all international forums related to the statistical and economic aspect, and represented the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the best representation, becoming a leading statistical institution at all levels far and wide and was privileged with a remarkable national, Arab and international prizes.

As for the technical field, our Department is one of the first to introduce computers to carry out its work and has invested in the comprehensive electronic transformation of collecting, disseminating and analyzing data, figures and statistical indicators, as well as the first to implement studies and surveys covering all aspects of economic, agricultural, environmental, social and demographic life in the Kingdom.

Finally, we would like to extend our sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the distinguished citizens who are partners in the achievements, and to the unknown soldiers of the statistical family. Our Thanks go to all the national and international institutions and the Jordanian government for their continuous support. Wishing our Country and our King peace and blessings.

Thank you.

Dr. Shaher Khalaf AL-Shawabkeh
Acting Director General

On the occasion of the World Statistics Day in which the countries of the world celebrate, we as an Arab organization, namely the Union of Arab Statisticians, which is based in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and which is hosted by the Jordanian Department of Statistics, to point out that the fruitful cooperation between our union and the Jordanian Department of Statistics has been invested through the establishment of Scientific conferences in the various sectors of statistics and through the presented scientific researches that gave a true picture to Arab researchers and Jordanian researchers in particular.


In addition to this, the continuous meetings between the responsible authorities at the Jordanian Department of Statistics and the Union of Arab Statisticians, which were and still are the title of fruitful cooperation in deploying and supporting the role of statistics, and its impact on the growth of the Arab countries, while serving the economic evolution to reach and achieve sustainable development, especially for the next ten years.

Our partnership as a qualitative Arab union with the Jordanian Department of Statistics, and our permanent and productive cooperation, achieved many breakthroughs for the benefit of both parties, and supported the evolution of joint Arab statistical work, and led to benefit the Arab statisticians in presenting ideas that instituted developmental bases, especially with regard to population censuses that were distinguished by their implementation by the Jordanian Department of Statistics in the past years, and the population census that was conducted in Jordan, became an Arab form and pattern to be followed as a guide and reference by other Arab countries.

On behalf of all the members of the board of directors, and the members of the Union of Arab Statisticians, we extend this global statistical occasion with our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the dear beloved Jordan, his majesty the king, the people and the government, for hosting our Union, and for the everlasting cooperation between us as a union and the Jordanian Department of Statistics.

May Allah bless and grant success to everyone.

Secretary General of the Union of Arab Statisticians

Dr. Ghazi Raho