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  • Electronic and Electrical Wastes at Household 2018

    The Department of Statistics is pleased to provide the analytical report on the main results of the survey of electronic and electrical wastes (E-waste) at homes in Jordan, which aims to provide statistical data on the amount of electronic and electrical wastes generated by homes and their disposal method. I hope this information contained in this report will benefit all those interested in environmental issues, both at the decision-making and policy-making levels and for public and private researchers.

  • Yearbook2018

    Jordan Statistical Yearbook 2018

    The Department of Statistics (DoS) is pleased to introduce the preliminary version of the Statistical Yearbook – 2018 in line with our policy to publish the ready tables as soon as we receive them from their various sources. The Yearbook contains a complete set of demographic, social, economic and agricultural indicators and consists of twenty three chapters; each chapter comprises a set of detailed statistical tables covering an updated time series of statistical data.

    The Department of Statistics (DoS) has relied on two key sources for preparing the tables, namely: The data obtained from main sources, especially the statistical surveys carried out by the (DoS) during 2018 and previous years in addition to censuses that cover all population and social aspects in addition to various economic, agricultural and environmental sectors. The other source is the statistical data acquired from secondary sources (i.e., the administrative records of various ministries and government departments in addition to public and private institutions).

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