Director General of the Department of Statistics (DoS) meets the Jordanian Pharmacists Association (JPhA) President

Director General of the Department of Statistics (DoS) meets the Jordanian Pharmacists Association (JPhA) President

H.E. Director General of the Department of Statistics (DoS), Dr. Qassim Saeed Al-Zou’bi, met in his office the (JPhA) president Dr. Zeid Rowhi Al -Kilani. During the meeting, they discussed the possibilities of increasing cooperation between the (JPhA) and the (DoS) on issues of mutual interest. Dr. Zoubi also explained the efforts exerted by the (DoS) in implementing a large number of important censuses and surveys simultaneously such as; the Household Expenditure and Income Survey, the seventh Agricultural Census in addition to the regular annual surveys (labor force, construction and prices surveys). Emphasis was laid on the importance of the ongoing Population and Family Health Survey for providing various health statistics that can be utilized in future planning and appropriate decisions to develop this sector. Dr. Zu’bi also explained to the visiting (JPhA) president future plans and preparations of the (DoS) to implement the Economic Establishments Census which is expected to yield comprehensive updated economic data.

Dr. Al-Zu’bi, lauded the (JPhA) and its professional role in serving its members through continuous efforts to promote and develop the Jordanian pharmaceutical sector. Furthermore, he has clarified that partnership and cooperation based on the national interest is the common criterion between the (DoS) and national partners.

From his side, Dr. Al-Kilani highlighted the importance of this visit in enhancing cooperation with the (DoS) for the national interest. He also expressed the gratitude and appreciation of the (JPhA) to the (DoS) for the valued support extended to them in terms of providing accurate and reliable statistics.

Dr. Kilani also said that the (JPhA) awaits outputs of the Economic Establishments Census 2018 for being utilized in future plans of the (JPhA), to design and prepare a number of modern systems, particularly a special system for pharmacies, data on number of workers in this sector in addition to a GPS system for all pharmacies in the Kingdom.

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