Monthly Archives - July 2017

The Department of Statistics (DoS) conducts the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES)

The (DoS) field teams will begin in Tuesday (1st August 2017) to implement the 11th (HIES 2017/2018) that lasts for one year. H.E. Dr. Qassem Saeed Al-Zoubi (Director General of the DoS) said that this Survey aims to provide recent detailed data that reflect the reality of the household and individual in terms of expenditure and income, the relation between income and expenditure with various variables and the relation between different economic and social factors with the income such as; [...]


National exports and imports increase by 2.5% and 3.1% during first third of 2017 compared with the same period of 2016

The statistical data issued by the Department of Statistics indicate that the value of total exports reached JD. 1621.7 million during the first third of 2017 [i.e., an increase by 4.4% compared with the same period of 2016]. Meanwhile, the national exports value reached JD. 1315.9 Million during the first third 2017 [i.e. an increase by 2.5% compared with the same period of 2016]. The value of re-exports reached JD.305.8 million during the first third 2017 which indicates an [...]


Department of Statistics intends to develop a unit specialized in food security

I am Dr Qasem Alzoubi, Director General of Department of Statistics in Jordan ( DOS), I am pleased to be with you today at this important seminar which is dedicated to introduce the FIES, and the work of FAO in capacity enhancement of national statistical offices. I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the organizer of this seminar and for inviting me to be part in this event. Wishing you greater benefit from this meeting. Ladies and gentlemen, Jordan [...]

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