Monthly Archives - May 2017

35% the Average increase in Agricultural Producers’ Prices during March 2017

The Data issued by the Department of Statistics indicates an increase in the Average Agricultural Producers’ Price Index for Mar 2017 by 35.2% compared with Mar 2016. (The Price Index reached 135.2 in Mar 2017 compared with 100.0 for Mar 2016).The most significant crops that contributed to this increase were potatoes 24.7%, cucumber 16.8%, almond 75.3%, strawberries 41.6%, tomatoes 300.6%, broad beans 54.9%, sweet green pepper 25.3%, squash 54.0%, eggplants 49.4%, cauliflower 40.7%, carrot 13.4%, hot pepper 66.5%, string [...]


Minor decrease in the prices of wholesale trade,Q1 2017

Data issued by the Department of Statistics on the wholesale trade prices indicate a decrease in the average of wholesale trade prices for the first quarter of 2017 by 0.4% as compared with the same period of 2016. This was a result of a decrease in the prices of the group of” motor vehicles and their parts and motorcycles” by 0.3%, the group of “Sale of machinery, equipment and supplies” by 9.6%, while there was an increase in the [...]

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