1.9% GDP growth rate at constant prices in 2018

1.9% GDP growth rate at constant prices in 2018

Compared with 2017
The Department of Statistics issued the results of the preliminary estimates of the GDP at market fixed prices of 2018. The results show that growth reached 1.9% compared with 2017.
The preliminary estimates of GDP at constant prices of 2018 at the level of production sectors, most sectors have shown positive growth during 2018 compared with 2017. According to the report, Social & Personal Services Sector has achieved the highest growth rate at 3.8%, followed by Transport, Storage ,Communications and agricultural Sector by 3.2% for each of them, followed by Finance, Insurance & Real Estate’s Sector by 2.9% and finally Electricity& Water Sector by 2.2%.

At the level of sectors contribution to the achieved growth rate of 2018 by 1.9% compared with 2017, the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate’s Sector has contributed by 0.64 percentage points, while Manufacturing sector and Transport, Storage & Communications Sector contribution was 0.27 percentage points, then Social & Personal Services Sector at 0.25 percentage points and finally the agricultural Sector by 0.17 percentage points of the total achieved growth rate.

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